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Acnes Oil Control Anti Acne Soap Review

Hi everyone,
I did post on my Instagram handle in my insta story that I will be trying the Acnes Oil Control Anti Acne Soap which I did receive in February month's GlamEgo box. I would say that I do not try facial bars that often although I may have tried many in the past 7 years of blogging. I do have bouts of acne here and there but they are not that bad (touchwood). However in my teenage years I did suffer from them a lot.Anyway if  you would like to know my thoughts on this soap then keep on reading...

Acnes Oil Control Anti Acne Soap

Price: Rs.99/- for 75g. Available online HERE
Can be used by men and women too.

About the brand and features:
Japan's No. 1 Acne care brand, Acnes is formulated with a unique and highly effective combination of ingredients that helps remove 99% of acne-causing germs.
  • Fights acne causing bacteria and cools down skin
  • Removes excess oil and sebum
  • Gives soft and glowing skin
  • Phthalate, SLS and cruelty free
  • Suitable for all skin types

Acnes Oil Control Anti Acne Soap

Acnes Oil Control Anti Acne Soap

The soap comes enclosed in a cardboard box with all the information on it including the shelf life. It also gives an elaborate ingredient list which is nice. The soap is white in color and oval in shape with the brand name printed on it.

Acnes Oil Control Anti Acne Soap

It smells nice and floral I would say since it does contain licorice extracts and white tea. The smell is pleasant I must say. Now if you are wise this soap can last you for upto 3 weeks as you just need a little to lather it up and then apply on your face.The best part about this soap is you can use it for acne on your chest and back too ☺

Acnes Oil Control Anti Acne Soap 

Post wash you will feel your skin is squeaky clean but not very dry and stretchy which I like. Now I did mention on my Instagram that I have small breakouts and well they did dry them which really impressed me.This soap is perfect for oily to combination acne prone skin and will help in keeping the face oil free and reduce pimples over regular use. I love the soap could not find any major con but I would say don't expect miracles overnight with any product and give it sometime. This soap is a big thumbs up from me and I would highly recommend.

MLWM Rating: 4.5/5

What do you guys think of this brand and have you tried this soap before do let me know in the comments section.

Until next time.. Take care xoxo

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