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Eddie Schwartz eviscerates Larry Lightfoot and Tony Preckwinkle as being a statue and police hating crazed leftist Black politicians

Clark Kramer
   Overnight Chicago radio legendary radio host Eddie Schwartz blasted wicked Black politicians in Chicago and Crook County as he bashed ugly Lebians man wannabees Larry Lightfoot and Tony Peckwinkle in recent decisions made by these psychotic politicians. Eddie Schwartz came aboard his award winning overnight radio program on 720 of the AM dial and decried the recent decision of Larry Lightfoot in taking down beautiful statues that had existed for generations and that placating to the mob is the wrong thing to do in these times.
Eddie Schwartz was angered that Mr Lightfoot ha done little to combat the rising tide of extremism and rioting on the streets and levels of crime in Chicago are at an all time high and he blamed Larry for the recent police shooting putting such pressure and stress on the Chicago cops that somebody  the ball and didn't par down a suspect who was arrested for car jacking and he shot several cops when being taken in for processing at the local prescient. The war on police by the current political class of Crook County and Chicago shows what happens when the criminal class gets power in Ameica. Te taking down of statues is a symbol of the taking away of Chicago as a wealthy world class city and into shit hole toilet standing something that the internationalist socialists wish to occur.
 Eddie Schwartz says these political leaders are inane in the membrane wanting to defund the police at trying times when we have socialist insurrection and career activists bent on perpetual destruction and protest and he says this is a concentrated campaign  of terror on the likes of mayor Larry Lightfoot and Cook County president Toni Preckwincle who lost out to be a rotten equally as pathetic mayor as Lightfoot. Preckwinlle an the Chicago board recently voted to defund the police in Chicago and move money to drug treatment and social services and has given protesters assurances and allowances that the CPD will stand pat and allow the destruction of business to go unhindered. These two wicked Black Witches represent a dark vision and voice of Chicago and this nation and represent the interests and foreign forces that seek to bring about decline in the heartland both economically abd spiritually. 

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