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FOTD's Last Week

I thought I'd share a few cool makeup looks I did last week.  I seem to go through phases of either wearing the same thing or trying out lots of new or different things (it was definitely the latter last week).   My 'lipstick of the week' was No7 Sheer Temptation in 70 Sassy which as the name suggests is sheer, but being deep purple, it does actually pack quite a punch. I had a very nautical navy/red/white outfit one day and decided to brave red lippie to match! Now I'm a nude lip girl through and through and I wish I could carry off reds, but I always feel too self-conscious in them and the majority don't suit me. I kept everything else very simple this time though-although I do need some definition around the eyes (mascara and liner) or I look ill. I couldn't decide between a touch of blusher or none at all. I love my blush though, so just added a little. The lipstick I used was (an old one) Dior Rouge 865 Ruby, which is a bright red with strong metallic/shimmer throughout. I just applied a little on my top lip, then the No7 one on the bottom, pressed my lips together and blotted, then decided I could get away with more red. I didn't want it to turn pink (like it would if you lightened it with a nude for example), but thankfully the purple toned it down a notch and I kept building layers until I was comfortable with the colour (I'd say it was a little more dull than the vivid colour in the images).  I ended up rather liking it, even if it is a bit 'high maintenance'.  
I have to confess to getting a little frustrated with my camera last week.  I'm struggling a bit with the macro settings and none of the close-up eye/mouth shots worked well.  So I apologise that some of the images aren't the best.  Ok, so onto a Lancome GWP palette which I love to bits!  It's Color Focus Quad in 350 which contains the much sought-after 'Erika F' shimmering pewter/taupe shade which I've used so much.  I popped it over Lancome jumbo eye pencil in Silver, so it was super metallic looking.  Then I took the purple shade (308 Electric Dream) from another GWP Lancome palette and applied that in the crease.  This colour is another of my favourites that I reach for time and time again, it's just so pretty and really makes my green eyes pop.   Finally a look that was definitely inspired by this new brightly coloured, fish dress of mine.  I was initially just going for turquoise eyes using Lancome L.U.C.I Eyes duo in Ray of Green Light.  I used the highlighter shade on the brow bone which has a green sheen, then the turquoise over the lid.  It wasn't quite bright enough though, so I put Urban Decay Matte Eyeshadow in  Electric over the top, which did the job (it was much brighter than it looks in the close-up shots).  Then I decided to choose some purple to put in the crease-it really finished it off perfectly and picked out colours from the dress. I again used the Lancome Color Fever in 'Electric Dream' for this.  I think this was my favourite look!  It's good to try out new things every once in a while, don't you think?  

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