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Some Picks for Mother's Day - Thymes

Now onto gift idea number two. This one is from the Kimono Rose collection from Thymes. As many of you might recall, this is favorite fragrance of mine and one that she has often commented on when I wear it. So what could be more fitting than maybe getting several products from this collection for her? My mother is who I got my love of roses from so it is fitting that I give her a rose scent that she will love.

I have this fragrance only in the roll on form but I would purchase her the perfume and some of the body and home fragrance products. This fragrance is slightly heavier than the L'Occitane Peony and for myself, the jasmine and vanilla notes comes out very heavily and makes the fragrance deepier and spicier than my other rose fragrances.

As I stated above, I would start with the perfume for her. I would get her the largest bottle of the EDT since she prefers to only have one or two fragrances open at one time and use through those before she buys anymore. The notes of this fragrance are: clementine, cassis, rose, peony, jasmine, and vanilla. I don't know if the fragrance will be as rich on her skin as it is on mine or it will will turn out to be lighter and rosier.

To start off with this fragrance, I would purchase her the filled candle and the bar soaps for her to decorate with. As stated before, she loves fragranced soaps and the filled candles would be a great extension of the fragrance. The ancillary collection for this fragrance is larger than the other one so I actually have some different choices of what I would pick out for her. Instead of just doing body products this time, I would get her the hand soap and matching lotion caddy. also, since she is an avid gardener and therfore wrecks havoc on her hands this time of the year, I would get her the hand cream from this line. This product contains shea butter and Vitamin E and I can see her using through this cream really quickly.

That was gift number 2, gift number 3 is up next.

photo courtesy of C. O. Bigelow Apothecaries

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