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Steve and Cokie Roberts want immigration only for wealthy Chinese

  Ramon Ramos
   America's immigration categories such as the EB-5 visas are set up for a pay to play system where rich investors can buy their way into America. Cookie and Steve Roberts wrote a syndicated article through Universal that this influx of Chinese money is a good thing. They point out that Chinese have invested  47 million for 13 golf courses either to please their American business elite partners or to be in a position offer in the playground where they congregate. Many Chinese families want to immigrate abroad especially to America where a system to benefit the fish over the masses of the population has already been set up. Cokie and Steve brushed over the many publicized scams and they think this system is good as their money helps set up the local economy with the establishment of more Asian restaurants and so forth I guess.
Cookie and Steve Roberts are elitists whose loyalty to Americanized neo-liberalism foreigners is on display in this stupid article. They fail to say the real reasons that these corrupt landlords want to come to America and establish a new feudalism hat is always precarious in China and its history of going after the corrupt greedy class. Most of the one million dollars that these EB-5 visas were the result of money earned through corruption or extreme slave labor of poor Chinese in the countryside who live on scraps. These right wing Christians are so pro-Chinese wealth as they think they can buy the Chinese into Christ and undoubtedly China's economic rise couldn't have happened without the alliance and backing of American evangelicals who seek a new utopia.  Chinese entrepreneurs are in actuality in many cases refuge fugitives from a Chinese government Increasingly going after and unbelievably finally going after corruption and dirty stolen money looted from China. The government is waking up to the fact that these Chinese are ore loyal to family business and wealth than China in general much like the American ruling elites that have long turned on its citizens who don't have millions in their bank accounts.

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