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Skinetica: Acne Treatment That Isn't Harsh on Your Skin

As most of my longtime readers will know, acne is something that I've struggled with for a long, long time (nearly a decade, I think). I've tried everything and anything, and while my acne is better now, I do still get pimples. Hence, my foray into Skinetica.

What intrigued me about Skinetica was the fact that it was slightly different from other acne products - instead of using benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid, its active ingredient is actually a quaternary ammonium compound (ammonium chloride in this case). The claim is that the quaternary ammonium compound interferes with the cell walls of the P. Acnes bacteria, thus killing it by disrupting its cell wall.

Skinetica: An acne treatment that relies on a quaternary ammonium compound.

Knowing that, the next logical search was to - you guessed it, look at the scientific literature, and see what it said about the product!

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