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Old or Young: Sleep is Important

Old or Young: Sleep is Important

ArjoHuntleigh announces a strategic partnership in support of the Toronto based charity Sleeping Children Around the World.

Mississauga, ON (PRWEB) October 1, 2010

ArjoHuntleigh Canada Inc.: ArjoHuntleigh Canada Inc. announces a strategic partnership in support of the Toronto based charity Sleeping Children Around the World.

Whether you are in the twilight years in a Canadian long term care facility or the formative years across the world in a developing country the importance of a secure and comfortable night sleep cannot be overstated. Realizing the importance of sleep, ArjoHuntleigh is proud to support Sleeping Children Around the World. The local Toronto based charity provides bedkits to needy children in developing countries.

General Manager of ArjoHuntleigh, John Thiessen, commented, "Sleeping Children Around the World stood out to us as one of very few charities who ensure that 100% of their donations reach a needy child. We applaud their passion and volunteers. We plan to donate bedkits related to our success with bed sales in the long term care market".

ArjoHuntleigh will soon celebrate 100 years as a developer of medical beds for healthcare facilities worldwide and in its 50 years in Canada has become recognized as a market leader in providing solution to long term care facilities. ArjoHuntleigh has launched the Pro-Contour Advance Minuet 2 bed to long term care facilities in Canada. There are over 170,000 long term care beds in Canada and despite new standards for fall prevention, pressure ulcer prevention, entrapment and occupational health and safety the vast majority of long term care beds in Canada are in excess of 15 years old which lack the modern safety for the resident or caregiver.

Dave Dryden, Chair of Sleeping Children Around the World said; "This corporate sponsorship represents an important step in our charity's evolution. We applaud the culture of social responsibility being demonstrated by ArjoHuntleigh. In 2009 we reached our goal of one million children receiving a bedkit. ArjoHuntleigh's support of Sleeping Children helps us on our way to assisting 2 million children and raises the publics' awareness of our organization".

ArjoHuntleigh offers integrated solutions for the care of patients and residents with reduced mobility and related conditions in virtually all types of care environments covering other interrelated areas of care: Hygiene Systems, Patient Lifters, Disinfection, DVT prophylaxis and Therapeutic Support Surfaces.

For more information about what ArjoHuntleigh can offer, please visit http://www. ArjoHuntleigh. com or contact ArjoHuntleigh at Info(dot)Canada(at)ArjoHuntleigh(dot)com. To learn about the work of SCAW visit http://www. scaw. org


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