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Ettusais Cheek Color

Speaking of Plaza, I was there a few weeks ago looking for the newest addition to the Kiss Kiss My Eyes Glamorize Shadow line, palette 06 Pink Beige PK-2. Well, it wasn't out yet, but let's just say my trip wasn't wasted because I saw these adorable Ettusais Cheek Color on display and came home with them instead ^.^

These are my very first Ettusais blushes. I've seen their others blushes, but they all look kind of blah and they cost a little more than what I'd be willing to pay for a blah blush, 1,680yen each, so I never look their way. That is, until these Cheek Colors came along. They are the same price, yes, also I do think their packaging is kind of bulky being in a jar-like container, but I just couldn't resist the adorable heart swirls that reminds me of the cappuccino foam art. So yeah, I splurged a little ^.^ Thank goodness there were only 2 colors available, Orange and Pink, because I probably wouldn't be able to justify buying more of these, not even to myself.

Ettusais Cheek Color in Orange and Pink. All pictures taken in natural light without flash.



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