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Essence Longlasting Lipliners 02 Sweetheart, 06 A Girl's Dream, 07 Plum Cake and 10 Berry on my Mind

Admittedly I was never a big fan of Essence lip products. To me staying power is one the most important characteristics and Essence kinda just can't quite manage to take that step forward and create a proper longlasting product, no matter how many they name that way. Strangely, their sister brand Catrice doesn't seem to have such problems, but as much as unimpressed I'm with Essence lip products, their Longlasting lipliners are some of my favourite lip pencils. I've had 03 Yummy Berry and 05 Lovely Frappuccino in my collection for about a year now and I've finally added some more colours. I got shades 02 Sweetheart, 06 A Girl's Dream, 07 Plum Cake and 10 Berry on my Mind. The latter is the newest shade added in the latest line update.

Texture: Although these are still creamy, the texture is less soft than at their "original" regular lipliners (they changed the formula last year and based on my experience with one shade, the change is substantial) which is a good thing because it means a higher level of precision, but because these can't be sharpened, once they are blunt, the edges aren't super sharp any more. The formula is closer to a lipstick than a lip liner, they apply nicely without dragging and aren't drying, though they aren't moisturising either.

02 Sweetheart

Sweetheart is a medium Barbie pink. I haven't got a single shade like it in my collection. Everything I have is either peachier or more muted than this, so I can't compare it to anything, but it's super cute on the lips.

06 A Girl's Dream

A Girl's Dream is a muted warm red. It's a nice shade to combine with Golden Rose Velvet Matte lipstick 12 and all other similar shades. This is my favourite to wear on its own.

07 Plum Cake

Plum Cake is a medium greyish mauve-violet shade. While I knew there is a 99% chance this will look bad on my skin tone, I actually didn't think it'd be this tragic. I strongly suspected this shade will look cooler and greyer on me than on majority of others, but this is corpse grey on me. I really don't think it suits me and Lovely Frappuccino is my ultimate 90's style shade instead. Check here how different Plum Cake looks on my fellow blogger Taya.

10 Berry on my Mind

10 Berry on my mind is a medium muted plum shade. It's a lot lighter on the lips than the packaging might indicate. I thought it'll be a nice deep burgundy budget lip liner based on the press release pictures, but it's way to light to combine it with proper vampy shades. 

Staying power is decent. It's nothing special, but these outlast all other Essence lip products. It doesn't really survive eating that well, but drinking doesn't wipe it off completely.

Price and availability: These are super cheap at 1.59 € per piece. I got mine in Müller. They are a great way to test if a certain type of colour suits you and I hope Essence continues to add new shades.

Have a great day!

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