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Desperate Scousewives star Layla Flaherty gets carried out of a London nightclub as the big city proves too much to handle

By J J Anisiobi

That's desperate: A sleepy looking Layla Flaherty gets carried out from a club in London late last night

Layla Flaherty continued her assault on the London nightclub scene yesterday evening and ended yet another night in bad shape.

Maybe the air down in the capital city is too thin for the dark haired beauty who had to be carried out of the 55 Club on New Oxford Street in the early hours of the morning.

The 28-year-old made sure she was the centre of attention as she stepped out club hopping taking full advantage of her new found fame.

The Desperate Scousewives star tweeted last night: 'On route to club bond... Who's playing out??? See you in there! Woop xx.'

Wearing a black lace leotard and a very short silver skirt with glitter, the reality TV star was joined by some of the best looking girls off the E4 show... and Dane Bowers.

The Liverpool contingent were out in force to show London town how northerners party and moved from Club Bond to Aura where they all partied hard.

Now that's desperate: Layla tries to grab attention by screaming and lifting up her skirt last night

Hang in there: Layla gets to grips with some scaffolding in London last night

They ended the night at 55 Club and while the native Scousers all seemed fine, Layla, who has only lived in Liverpool for eight years, was definitely the weak link in the group.

The part time model and student appeared to have lost her shoes as she was carried from the club by security and looked asleep in the burly minders arms.

Once outside in the cold she then needed to find support from some scaffolding as she lay next to the road clinging on to a metal pole.

Tongue tied: Layla attempts to lick her co-star Gill O'Toole during the night out

Classy girl: The reality TV star pulls some bizarre dance moves on the streets of London

A tale of two women: While Layla looked a little wild, Amanda Harrington looked reserved and in control

As the time approached 5am Layla and the girls decided to get some food and popped into a local Subway where they ordered some rolls and sandwiches.

The scent of food must have awoken the sleepy Flaherty as she suddenly found a second wind and was jumping outside the shop pulling some extremely unflattering poses.

She was then joined by two male admirers and proceeded to pull off some bizarre dance moves while smoking a cigarette.

The business: From left, Gill and Debbie O'Toole looked great and enjoyed the night out with Amanda

Food to go: Dane Bowers got into an altercation with a man in Subway and it spilled on to the street

The state she looked to be in at 5am was in stark contrast to the way the she started the night looking demure and slightly more classy.

Thankfully, Debbie and Gillian O'Toole and Amanda Harrington didn't let the side down and kept their dignified style all night.

Commercial model Debbie wore short pink dress while her older sister Gill, 30, wore a ruffled black dress.

Out of your mind: Dane made sure the girls were ok before getting in the back of a police van

What's all this then? The former pop singer explained to the officers exactly what happened before getting a police escort

Taxi for one: Dane was given a lift by the police and taken round the corner to where his car was parked

The best dressed award went to Amanda Harrington who wore a 1960s style black and white sequined dress with her blonde hair falling over her shoulders.

The late night ended on a sour note for the group when Dane Bowers was involved in a scuffle with a man in Subway.

The girls were not involved in the bust-up and watched on shocked as the fracas spilled out onto the street.

He told the Mail-online that: 'Things got a bit over-the-top and the police became involved.'

The police officers helped put the girls in taxis before giving Dane a ride in the back of their van to his car which was parked around the corner.

What difference: Layla looked great at the start of the night and didn't pull any strange poses


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