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Another Tag - I think You're an Awesome Girl! - please check if you have been tagged :)

I have been tagged by the gorgeous ellamarie84 (go check her out!) to list 10 random facts about myself and tag 10 others :D

1. I am in 3rd year of Law at university and intend to become a solicitor

2. I have a facination with American accents (it must be all those youtube makeup vids hehe)

3. I have a fear of creepy crawlies/insects that FLY. I feel its hard to dodge them as they can get you anyhow lol. And yes that does include butterflies :S

4. Venice and Machu Picchu are the two places I have always wanted to visit

5. I love all Disney characters and hence would not mind using stuff sold in The Disney Store. There is some sort of magical feeling associated with them

6. I (on my mum's initiative ofcoz) tried modelling at the age of 8 but could not keep up with it due to school

7. I have never stepped out of the house without wearing makeup in the past 5 years

8. My name is originally written and spelled as 'Sheefa' but I alter it slighly to 'Shifa' wherever I go, just coz I like it that way hehe

9. I am seriously addicted to Bollywood celebs, movies, music, magazines, gossip and anything to do with it

10. I have been a vegetarian since the age of 13 as some documentary about chickens grossed me out!

I tag

Pretty things (maya)
Naomi (Expressions of You)

and obviously all of you other lovely ladies who want to do one :D


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