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AMW Reports: The Body Shop's Autumn Trend 2010

When it comes to smouldering shades of make-up, I tend to run to the opposite side as I've always been a minimalist when it comes to makeup!  I can do wild looks for other people but never for myself!  When I learn about The Body Shop's Autumn Trend "Smoke and Fire" look, I thought its the look just for magazine and runway models.  Would you believe I got home sporting the look and actually felt comfortable?

Introducing, The Autumn Trend 2010 --- I got to meet them last night and I'm sharing you hot off the plate!

Autumn Leaves Compact - Php1,395.00 (approx $31.00)

Light up with a choice of two pressed powder compacts, each with a mix of four pearly shades pressed together in a beautiful autumn leaf design.  Choose the compact to suit your skint one, give your cheeks and decolletage a gorgeous glow with two new natural-looking palettes in soft dusky pink shades and warm russet tones.

Kajal Eyeliner - Php695.00 (approx $15.00)

Create the season's sexy, smoky eye - essential for the Smoke and Fire look - with new Kajal Eyeliner.  The intense Kajal eye-look is traditionally used in India as a protector against the evil eye, and with three shades of Kajal Eyeliner, discover a unique product that helps to define the eyes, so you can create and intensify and reflect light.  Apply to the lash lines for dramatic, dreamy eyes or smudge over the eyelid for a sultry, smouldering eyeshadow look.

Eye Colour - Php595.00 (approx $13.50)

Make eyes your focal point by sweeping a flash of brilliant Eye Colour such as Midnight Blue or Velvet Green.  Autumn also sees the introduction of a new shade, Golden Peach, a wonderfully warm, on-trend hue that lifts and brightens the eye area.

Colourglide Lip Color - Php695.00 (approx $15.75)

Natural-looking lips are the perfect contrast to the season's smoky eye.  Slick on sensuous Colourglide Lip Colur in the nude and soft pink tones of Soft Beige and Dusk Pink.  This intensely moisturising lipstick hydrates and smoothes your lips, ideal for perfecting the hot Smoke and Fire pout.  Each shade include a high percentage of colour pigments to provide intense coverage in one luscious sweep.

Divide and Multiply Mascara - Php850.00 (approx $15.75)

Complete your fierce eye-look by giving lashes a major boost with Divide and Multiply Mascara in glamorous black.  The ultimate one-step lengthening and separating mascara, this must-have product creates sensational, ultra-long, dark, glossy lashes in seconds without clumping or smudging.

Lightening Touch - Php950.00 (approx $22.00)
Discover the wonder powers of Lightening Touch, a magical little wand that gives light relief to the appearance of under-eye circles, instantly brightening the skin.  Its ever-so-clever formula contains ingenious little light-diffusing particles to minimize fine lines and ark shadows.  Simply use around the eye area, after your foundation for a flawless-look.

The dear Body Shop's Sr. Training Officer for makeup, Argie Lingat, helped me with the Autumn Trend Look.  I was showed both looks!  Daytime subtle smoky eyes and she taught me how to transform it to nighttime smoky eyed look that screams ---- Smoke and Fire!!!

I am starting to love the Kajal Liners from The Body Shop's Autumn Collection.  I find it useful as a"cheat sheet" for creating simple smoky eyes by applying the liner directly onto the lids blending with your fingers.  Thanks to whoever took my camera and helped me take this photo :) Raise your hands if it's you and you deserve a big cyber hug! :) 

AMW quite happy with the final look!  For someone who lacks sleep and has huge undereye circles!  I look awake and alive in this photo!  Thank you so much for the makeover!

Products used base on my very crude good memory *laughs*  ---
  • Eye Colour in Golden Peach - all over the eye lids as base and to make the eyes appear larger.
  • Kajal Liner in Steel as base of my smoky eyes - Steel is silvery grey in color with a hint of shimmer.
  • Eye Colour in Midnight Blue - applied on top of the Kajal Liner Steel.
  • The Body Shop Liquid Liner in Black
  • Divide and Multiply Mascara in Black
  • Lightening Touch 04 - under the eye area and set with powder to lessen the look of dark circles
  • Autumn Leaves Compact in Dusky Pink Shade - all over the cheeks for a hint of healthy shimmer
  • The Body Shop Shimmer Waves - swept on my cheekbones for that nice pop 
  • Matte Bronzing Powder - to contour
  • The Body Shop Pressed Powder - all over the face to lessen the shine and for a neat overall look
I find this collection super exciting!  I will definitely try my own Kajal Liner look once I get home!  I hope its as easy to use as shown!  Oh yeah, I actually got to attend a mini workshop on how to create a fresh looking makeup!  I'll share the tips I learn to everyone once I don't look like a zombie anymore from lack of sleep!  *laughs*  You are willing to wait right? :)  *hugs to the patient ones!*

Thanks to Billie from The Body Shop for the invite :)

Anything that tickled your fancy?
Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

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