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SoftLips Holiday Flavors and Gift Pack

Winter means cold weather, which I love. It also means chapped lips which I hate. My thoughts soon turn to stockpiling lip balms again.

To help with my stash, SoftLips  has 5 new winter scents out .  These are LE and exclusive to their website.  All are nice  but I am especially loving the Sugar and Spice which is a strong spice, with clove, nutmeg and cinnamon, and Sugar Plum Berry, a  fresh big berry scent. All are very soft and creamy but without shine.

The remaining flavors are : Sugar Cookie, Winter Mint, and Mint with a hint of Vanilla.

You can buy all 5 in a fun gift pack perfect for giving to everyone on your list. The set comes in a blue sachet pack.  and is great stocking stuffer . Gift them all, or break up the set and add them to packages.

The SoftLips Holiday 5 pack is $ 9.99 at http://www.softlips.com/ . With  free Shipping  – Starting 11/26 through 12/10.

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