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Professor Shoshana Zuboff writes a surveillance book and one must wonder if he or she is gay

Jason Fool
   I read some big voluminous book about surveillance and couldn't help to notice the strange gender-bending Steven Tyler looking author that author ahhh professor Shoshana Zuboff looks and appears by all indications to be confusing t of the value of he reader and author. Showtime wrote a book called "The Age Of Surveillance Capitalism" that examines the role of tech-related dirty internet companies and how they can make money and value out of thin  air of their fake value of where you go on-line and browse. This has always appeared absurd to me how Facebook and Google and other tech-related libtard organizations can make claims of the value and sell peoples data to third parties suppose so hard up for your browsing information but this has been a ponzi scheme like no other. I didn't read the whole book but I hope this man goes into hid book of the fraud  of internet capitalism meant to progress and subsidize liberal progressive cities such as the Bay area and how such non-profitable entities , like Zynga games and Groupon served to move momey to a few individuals in a fake wealth exaggeration scam like no other with men like Andrew Maosn and Mark Pincus and the twentysomething  returns of venture capitalism funny money giveaways.
   Consumers are all to willing foolish participants in globalism tech but more and more people are starting to question the wisdom of these tech techniques to spy o devises and profit from it through the wasteful spending of advertisers that long has been a hindrance of this economy and contributed mighty to inequality with its focus on highlighting the elites and luxury under guise of marketing. Shoshan though seems to be wishing to keep these technocrats guessing whether she is a transvestite , transgender, transient. or so what.
Google and Facebook wishes to take your information and add it to their library and mish and mash all this useless information and claim it useful in order to help the engineers of tech make a steady good income and security. this is not much unlike the college education fraud that professor Shoshana Zuboff is a part of at Harvard University and part of the extreme radical educational charity endowment  and foundation industrial complex. This is a good book looking at how three technocrats used peoples useless and complex internet browsing and made a market for it and empowered themselves financially but professor Mr MRS Zuboff says little of the role of international financing playing  a part that empowered a few individuals like Larry Page. Sergey Brin , and Mark Zuckerberg and why they would think so much spending on things that don;'t make or create a product should have as much infleunece in society.

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