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Prayer Cross Necklace Miraculously Reveals the Lord's Prayer!

Photo from YouTube
After the following commercial came on when I was watching Punk'd, Ashton Kutcher's MTV prank show, I thought for sure that the product being advertised was a joke, an absurdly funny piece of imagination concocted by Kutcher and his crew.

But guess what? The Lord's Prayer Cross Necklace ("as seen on TV"!) is real! And it really does feature "a secret center stone, which when held up to the light, reveals the entire Lord's Prayer!"

This TV ad is brilliantly layered with unintentional hilarity moment to moment—just when I think I'm done laughing, the announcer says something that makes me spit out my morning green tea. Watch:

You know, if the Prayer Cross actually does what it says it does, then it's a steal at any price!

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