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DVD News: Carey Mulligan's The Greatest coming to DVD and Blu-ray July 13th!

According to Amazon.com, The DVD and Blu-ray release for Carey Mulligan's recently released film, The Greatest will be released on July 13th!

Here's the synopsis for The Greatest...
Three months after Allen and Grace Brewer’s son died in a car accident, Rose shows up on their doorstep, pregnant with his child. At first her arrival divides their already troubled marriage, but as they accept their grief, Rose and her baby may just bring them back together. Starring Pierce Brosnan, Susan Sarandon and Carey Mulligan.

Check out the DVD and Blu-ray artwork covers below!
[source: Amazon.com]

You can now pre-order your copy for standard DVD here and Blu-ray here!

Also, before July, if you can't wait to see it already before its dvd and blu-ray release, The Greatest - Rent It Exclusively at Blockbuster and Blockbuster.com June 13th! (Blockbuster.com)

Editorial Reviews
From Amazon.com
Writer-director Shana Feste took Sundance by storm with her directorial debut, The Greatest, which was nominated straight out of the gate for a Grand Jury Prize. And no wonder. The Greatest is a heartfelt drama about the most real human emotions--love, grief, and hope--and its cast brings so much heart and depth to the story that it immediately becomes relatable. The star power is considerable, especially for a first-time writer-director. While Susan Sarandon gives her usual professional, layered performance, it's really Pierce Brosnan as her husband who is the true revelation here; this may be the best dramatic performance of Brosnan's career. Sarandon and Brosnan play a happily married couple (Grace and Allen) whose lives are shattered when their beloved teenage son, Bennett (Aaron Johnson), is suddenly killed in a car accident. As the stricken parents try to grasp the tragedy, they meet the young teenager, Rose (Carey Mulligan), who is carrying Bennett's baby. As the three strangers--who share something so deep and powerful it crosses all barriers--slowly get to know each other, the new relationships, suspicions, and new kinds of grief threaten to take them all down. And yet, the message throughout The Greatest is of hope and how life does--must--continue after tragedy. Mulligan is a nuanced and delicate actress and plays the not-quite-trustworthy Rose like a second skin--or maybe a rose thorn that rubs away at Allen and Grace's marriage. "It's not just all about you and your grief, Grace," Allen says as Grace escalates her dislike of the new stranger in their midst. The Greatest contains strands of previous excellent films like In the Valley of Elah, Rambling Rose, and even American Beauty, and fans of genuine drama and fine acting will not want to miss it. --A.T. Hurley

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