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Dove Go Fresh Nourishment Body Lotion

Details from dove.co.id:

Kini kamu bisa menikmati sensasi segar seperti sehabis mandi dengan Dove Go Fresh Nourishment Body Lotion. Paduan kesegaran menthol dengan aroma mentimun dan teh hijaunya merawat dan memelihara kulitmu** dari pagi hingga malam. 

Tersedia dalam ukuran: 400ml & 250ml. 

From 10 years ago I've used Dove Body Lotion from abroad and exuberant knowing that Dove Indonesia has embraced the needs of body lotion for our nation, exaggerating? On the contrary. Our skin does need moisturizing on a daily basis, two times a day after taking a shower or a bath to replenish all the lost moisture and there's not a lot of body care product made locally that actually comes in a high quality matters. From those with too much fragrance that will irritated the skin or low quality ingredients that damage the skin when used long term.

I have had my allergies, redness, itchy and angry skin thanks to 'these' lotions and I know for sure, Dove Go fresh Nourishment Body Lotion is not one of them.

Skin is our own barrier that need to be protected by keeping them supple, flexible and hydrated. As long as they are moist, it keep them 'stronger', bouncier, and 'stretchable'. A dry skin can easily 'broke', bleed and the opening may cause infection.

Dove Go Fresh Nourishment Body Lotion have a delicate fresh scent that's mild and definitely not overwhelming, the menthol also feels gentle and doesn't sting. The lotion feels comfortable on the skin, cooling and gives moisturizing effect without being greasy nor oily. My husband and I, we both enjoys this one and may be use for the whole family (except babies ya). I think it's on of the must have item at home ^__^

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