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Angie Tribeca Season 4 Gets A Trailer & Weekend-Long Marathon


Rashida Jones in Angie Tribeca Season 4 TBS

Although it's been a minute since it was last on television, TBS welcomes Angie Tribeca back with a new season 4 trailer and a weekend-long marathon. The slapstick series is the brainchild of Steve and Nancy Carell, and stars Rashida Jones as the one and only Angie Tribeca. The series also features the great Jere Burns (Justified), as well as Hayes MacArthur (Super Troopers 2), Deon Cole (Black-ish), and a dog, a very smart dog. It all adds up to a superbly silly series that will be a welcome respite from holiday movies this before the New Year. 

Angie Tribeca is one of few series that has actually seen its audience grow over the course of its first three seasons. That's what prompted TBS to renew the comedy for a fourth season, but given the delay in its arrival — it's been more than a year and half since the show was last on the air — it remains to be seen whether or not those viewership numbers will still be there. The show may be in luck, as the end of the year is something of a dead zone in terms of new content, so perhaps the "binge-a-thon," as TBS is calling it, will get people watching. 

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It's not hard to sell the show, as the new trailer makes abundantly clear. If you're in the mood for some ridiculous humor and a killer spoof on all kinds of police procedural tropes, then Angie Tribeca is probably going to be right up your alley. Check out the trailer and an equally absurd synopsis for season 4 below: 

"In season four, it's been 20 years since the law wrongfully turned on Detective Angie Tribeca (Rashida Jones) and tossed her in jail.  Now, Tribeca is out, reunited with her team, Lt. Atkins (Jere Burns), Dr. Scholls (Andrée Vermeulen), estranged son, Angie Jr. (Bobby Cannavale) and the young and brilliant Maria Charo (Kiersey Clemons) fighting for the good guys. Or so they think. No, they are. Or, are they? They are. Just kidding. Or are we?"

Angie Tribeca is one of few shows or movies to get the spoof just right. It's up there with Airplane, The Naked Gun, and Hot Shots, in the way it perfectly skewers its targets, but still manages to have a fun storyline in its own right. At any rate, the series is finally back on TV, so get ready to settle in for a weekend of Angie Tribeca. 

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Angie Tribeca season 4 begins Saturday at 8pm on TBS. It can also be streamed on the TBS app and TBS.com. 

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