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Murale wants you to shop naked!

Tired of having to put on clothes to go out and buy your beauty products? Me too! The geniuses at Murale have realized that the less we are forced to spend on clothes, the more money we'll have to spend on makeup and have finally brought us online shopping!

Let's face it, Canada's a big place and there aren't enough Murale's to go around - even being in Toronto the closest Murale to me is a bit of a trek so I am happy to be able to get my fix online!

Pros: lots of great brands delivered right to your door; free samples; shipping deals; and let's not forget Optimum Points!

Cons: there are some brands they taunt you with (ie Bobbi Brown, Bourjois) that when you try to order, find out are only available in-store - not sure if they have plans to make all brands available online eventually, here's hoping!

Also I can see drinking and shopping becoming a problem although I guess that's still better than drinking and going home with inappropriate men...

Check it out and order yourself something pretty at www.murale.ca and be sure to follow on twitter - @Murale

- Lisamarie -

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